DOZ is a Kurdish word which means; Purpose, Mission and Vision. It is the one unique word that can combine these three key meaning components together.
"It is A journey to nirvana or An innovation to undeniable accomplishments. Foundation of improvements in Business, Media, Education and Social Responsibilities." 
DOZGroup is a pack of brave hearts, sharp visions and deep spirits. It is named to be Vision, Mission and Purpose for something better. The main goal is the goal itself to make people and businesses better and successful.

DOZ is Also a Product and Service Gateway for distributors, wholesaler and retailers. From product idea research to order and private labeling, from there to shipping and customs we are the right partner to work with. DOZ Offices around the globe ready to serve you at anytime.

Our Brands:
  • DOZTrading - Import & Export
  • DOZProducts - Retail & Dropshipping
  • DOZCell - Electronics & Accessories
  • DOZWeb - Web Products & Services
  • DOZToy - Toys & Hobbies 
  • DOZLed - Light, Led Products 
  • DOZPet - Pet Products & Services 
  • Mr.DOZ - Men's Life & Fashion 
  • Ms.DOZ - Women's Life & Fashion
  • DOZPay - Online Payment Services
  • FoodsTrade - Import & Export, Brokerage 
  • ProChairs - Professional Chairs

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